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Welcome to utopia descending

Utopia Descending is a full immersion live-action game, set in a dystopian cyberpunk fantasy world. For one weekend every month, you will join a battlefront of super-humans and eat, rest, mingle and fight as your character.

Played at hidden venues and the fully immersive combat zones of New England people come together at Utopia Descending: North East for a weekend immersive experience. During that time, you'll play a character completely of your own creation within the world of Utopia Descending, where you'll explore a living world with elements similar to tabletop/video games, improv theater, sci-fi fantasy/escape rooms, and cyberpunk warfare weekend type experiences. It is here where your story begins.



There is no script for you to follow for our events. Become your character--do what they would do in any situation you find yourself in. Do what you think is going to be interesting and fun for you while keeping in mind the feelings and fun of the players around you. The goal isn't to "win the game (in fact, we highly encourage that you play to lose), but rather to have an exciting adventure and come away with amazing stories to tell.


All of our adventures are built cooperatively. The organizers build the basics of the world and the characters, and the participants bring those characters to life through their actions, costumes, and ideas. The story emerges organically from the interactions and cooperation between everyone, with results cooler and wilder than any one of us could create alone! While our characters might oppose each other, as players, we're all friends working together to tell a story.


No matter what we review below, the primary point that we want to drive home to you is that this entire game is a group of people who have decided to spend their weekend together having fun. As you start to dig through all of this, we ask you to join our Facebook Page , Facebook Group and Discord to start interacting with those already participating. There are a lot of us and we'd like to get to know you to help make your time at Utopia Descending an absolute blast.


  • A private, full day of interactive entertainment (although we are working with our site to make this a full weekend)

  • Accessible portable bathrooms and access to mirrors. (Social Events provide the full amenities of the indoor venue)

  • A fully stocked arsenal of play safe and realistic looking weapons, riot shields, prop explosives and other basic combat equipment

  • A fully functional military base and town as well as a research/ crafting station and other props suitable for non-combat scenarios.

  • A community focused on respect, consent, and positive energy.


  • A costume, which can absolutely be as simple or complex as you would like. Wear what you think is cool and what you believe fits in the world of Utopia Descending.

  • A set of clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty in for your 2-4 hour volunteer shift

  • Toiletries and any personal medical items

  • Ample food and water

  • Adherence to our Policies

  • An open, creative mind


There is always a quick orientation at the beginning of every event. This will assist in helping you better understand things such as our OK Check-In System, things about that event that may be relevant as well as any important announcements that need to be made. It is always important to do your best to make orientation which happens an hour after the posted event time once everyone has been checked-in.

What you basically need for a character

At the end of the day YOU decide the finer and more nuanced details of the person you are going to be running around as at an event. They could very well just be you with a flashy nickname or they can be a different person entirely and you get to flaunt those acting/ roleplaying skills. Your character is yours to decide. Other than those tiny details, there are a few things that you will want to think about when creating your character.

  • What do they look like? What kind of outfit or costume do you want to wear when you are a Utopia Descending game?

  • What corporation is your character a part of? Are they part of a corporation at all? There are 5 super cool mega-corporations that exist in the world of Utopia Descending, for many their corporation defines the kind of play style a person chooses and for others it represents the kind of things they like as a person. It is up to you to decide what you want. UDNE has small local business subsidiaries that represent these bigger corps. Remember that you can always change your corp if you decide that is what you would like to do later.

  • Your spire. Like corporations you can choose not to have a spire, however if you decide you would like to incorporate spirituality and religion into your character and explore that part of yourself, then we have a set of in game religions that you can choose from to do just that.

  • Your Pillar. Your Pillar is your supernatural classification. In the world of Utopia Descending you are no longer a human. Due to a watershed event many humans underwent a change in their DNA and the structure of their being and soul that left them more akin to a demi-god in appearance, strength and thought.

All of the information that you need to answer these questions can be found on the Utopia Descending World website. This functions like an extension of our Rulebook as well as a greater Lore resource beyond the scope of our local setting. WORLD MATERIALS, PILLARS, SPIRES and CORPORATIONS should be the only materials you need. All other materials can be found on the UDNE website.