Township Diner


Township Diner, a subsidiary company of うさぎ株式会社, offer strange and unusual food items. This company deals in the acquisition, processing, and sale of bizarre cryptid food products in their own chain of diners. Most of their meat is cloned but the fact remains, the Township Diners are some of the last places you can find real, greasy meat. Do you want Jersey Devil’d Eggs? Done. You want deep fried hellhound hot dogs? You got it! In order to meet these demands Township Diner employs special task forces trained in hunt and gather tactics for acquiring rare cryptid food products from The Woods and, in many cases, deliver live specimens. They research these recovered ingredients and creatures to determine the best way to process them into low cost, high calorie meals to serve at their diners statewide. Due to their focus on meat products Township Diner is generally met with skepticism from Pillars outside New Jersey, furthering the viewpoint of Jersey just being strange.

Top Products:

Submission Blasters

Submission Blasters are the perfect addition for any Combat Farmer. These firearms deliver a powerful sedative capable of knocking out even a Jersey Devil. The blaster is slow to fire due to the complexity of the mechanics and the shape and weight of the ammunition but the promise of reward for cryptid capture outweighs the risk of a rez for most Township Diner employees.

Long-Pork Roll

Through the miracle of cloning and rez chamber tech, the good doctors at Township Diner have been able to create a new cruelty-free vegan-friendly lab-grown human meat product. Township Diner is proud to serve Balor Brand Long-Pork Roll! It brings that genuine human flesh flavor to the table with none of the crimes against humanity!


Paalika Infrastructure Management (PIM)



Shortly after बिल्ली कंपनी unveiled their drone army, in a surprising move, they purchased the entirety of New Jersey’s public works departments. They privatized the industry and rebranded as Paalika Infrastructure Management, PIM for short. They replaced the majority of the workforce with automated drones and robots designed to perform all maintenance on city infrastructure. In doing so, PIM expedited service and decreased taxes.

PIM quickly generated careers within its factories and fleet service stations, and utilities enforcers emerged to ensure all services were optimal and all debts were paid. Many critics of the change in structure speculated criminal influence in the higher ranks of PIM but no evidence has ever surfaced.

In recent times PIM has expanded to include drone delivered nutrition replacement portions to their premium plan customers. This addition to their services has increased the range and quantity of research and development positions within PIM science sectors.

Top Products:


This drone is a masterpiece of robotics engineering. It is a fully automated drone programmed to act as a service technician for all utilities mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. They are presently owned exclusively by PIM and are not available for private use. However, PIM employees all have access to Mechanidrone dispatch and can call in repair services from their comms.

Back In The Black: Action Debt Fulfilment!

A human’s debt can be seemingly insurmountable at times. That’s why the kind and magnanimous people of PIM have created a brand new game show! Human contestants with considerable debt to PIM are brought to a special studio where a Pillar champion chooses to fight to the death in physical challenges to bring their human Back In The Black! If the human’s champion wins then all of their utilities debt is wiped clean and they are awarded with a fresh start. All proceeds to Paalika Infrastructure Management


закон подлости (Zakon Podlosti)



After the Watershed event paranormal activity increased exponentially. With an astronomical influx of dangerous cryptid home invasion Компания моржа knew they needed to form a defense subsidiary for the protection of their valued clientele.

закон подлости serves this purpose by combing the finest in modern virtual intelligence and normally inaccessible levels of military firepower to bring the discerning customer the very best and most assuredly lethal home security systems. In addition to the automated systems закон подлости employs a private army of security officers who are dispatched to meet all threats with brute force. In addition, закон подлости utilizes investigation squads tasked with tracking and researching cryptid activity. These two teams typically take preventative measures by working together on seek and destroy missions into The Woods. Their goal is to terminate all cryptids and creatures of legend before they escape the red zone.

Top Products:


Cryptekto products allow the user to track and locate paranormal beings such as cryptids and legendary creatures. Cryptekto Jr is the home model generally marketed to amateur monster hunters and teenage thrill seekers. Cryptekto Pro model is officially used by corporate kill squads. The device is able to locate strong concentrations of rift energy and alert the user to its presence with a helpful chime.

SecuriTek Automated Home Turret System

One of the largest risks to both human and Pillar life in New Jersey is the very real possibility of a cryptid home invasion. That’s why the SecuriTek defense systems are the most widely used throughout the area. закон подлости has created an automated virtual intelligence controlled security system designed to kill first and ask questions never. Micro turrets are installed in every room in the home to ensure complete demise of all intruders keeping you and your loved ones safe from harm. The state of the art VI control system is programmed to respond to voice and bio-metric scans for maximum safety.


Tüzel Müzik


Tüzel Müzik has majority control of all aspects of New Jersey’s musical entertainment industry. The Tüzel brand, courtesy of Tırtıl Komandit Şirketi, can be found on nearly every concert poster, musical instrument, and recording studio door. They also own the rights to many live theater productions and even film musical scores. Their goal is to not only provide corporate curated music and instruments but to also grant access to a rockstar lifestyle previously unheard of. Tüzel will rebuild you into the extravagant superstar you always knew you were. You get your guitar, your outfit to match, and the CreaStim injection units to help you play. Once you have cultivated your new persona you can gain access to recording studios for music and videos to broadcast out to the stars and beyond! Live the life you deserve.

Top Products:


¡Maniac! is a performance enhancing inject-able energy supplement that drives the crowd wild! When a Pillar uses ¡Maniac! they are twice as durable, twice as fast, and twice and charismatic. No one can stop a ¡Maniac! Attack!


CreaStim Injection Units

CreaStim artistry boosters give rising stars the edge they need to craft a masterpiece. Using a perfect balance of diamorphine, caffeine, and saline with an injection head coated in lysergic acid diethylamide, CreaStim Injection Units boost creativity and optimize brain function while minimizing the need for sleep. Use CreaStim to share your vision with the world!




The heart of Maus Aktiengesellschaft has always been family. EduCom, The Educational Community, keeps their focus on family by overseeing the development, manufacturing, and distribution of children's toys and educational tools. Using the advanced technologies available to them, EduCom has made a plethora of products whose target audience is kids of all ages.

To gain favor with the children, EduCom has employed the use of a mascot named Klaus Maus. Klaus is a happy construction worker building a better future with his sledgehammer and can-do attitude. In the past ten years EduCom has even founded their own chain of schools: The EduCom Academies. It is there that EduCom ensures the children of today grow to become friends and family Uncle Wink can be proud of. Attached to every school in Jersey Central is a Klaus Maus Imaginasium where children can go after school to train in physical fitness and spatial awareness in a fun and playful environment.

Top Products:

Better Education Dreamstate Study System (BEDS System)

The BEDS System is a revolutionary new learning tool for developing minds. When it’s time to go to sleep the child is sealed into the slumber pod and locked in using the patented lockrite system to ensure maximum knowledge absorption. Once inside the child wears a special neural helmet and audio receptors. By sun-up sie will be earning those A’s and playing the trombone like it was second nature!

The Klaus Maus Imaginasium for Growing Children

The Imaginasium is the place to be as a child Pillar growing up in Jersey Central. It’s a place to run, jump, climb, and train with advanced weaponry! Once a child is done for the day at their EduCom Academy they are free to play and train at The Imaginasium. Each structure is roughly the size of a shopping mall and consists of one third obstacle course, one third combat training facility, and one third pizza party hall complete with animatronic Klaus and Pals! What kid wouldn’t want to go to The Imaginasium!?