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How it works:

Staff from one of our live event chapters can run up to 12 tabletop events a year, over a period of 6 months (we encourage two events a month, every other month or so).
These tabletop events are registered events for the month of attendance for the chapter that is running the event for "character attendance". 
If you do a live event, a tabletop event, or multiple events during the same month you don't get extra "character attendance". 
These events are primarily run online, pre-register only, and are for 3-5 attendees. Most use the Roll20 online tabletop system in combination with Discord.
These events are $25-$50 and are on average 5-10 hours long with an assumed 20+ hours of prep work done. 

Quick facts:

The funds gathered from these events are used to pay for site, game costs, and to purchase new equipment. 
After an event a event submission form is filled out by the event runner and given to the Director of their chapter (assuming it's not the same person).
Within 48 hours your event attendance is recorded for the character that participated in the event. 
Any resources gained at the event need to be collected at the next live event. In the instance you can't make the next live event, you will be able to dedicate these resources to different NPC groups or story causes. 

Tabletop in character zones:

Every chapter starts with a location that is the focus of their live events, and a number of smaller real world locations for their social events. 
Every chapter defines a small number of virtual locations that players can engage each other for limited RP online. 
Every chapter chooses a single (one) location that is the focus of their tabletop events. 
In the instance that one company owns multiple chapters, they can have different team members run events and allow players the option of choosing which of the owned chapters the "character attendance" is for. Example - NE Utopia Descending owns multiple chapters. We will run tabletop events that will either be for a specific chapter so that if your character is from that chapter you get character growth or we will run events where the player can choose their home chapter from CT, NJ, or MA.  The difference being that events specific to a certain chapter are designed to encourage local player related stories (characters from that game) while choice events encourage a mix of characters from different chapters.

Brooklyn NY

Brooklyn NY - Governors Island to East Flat Bush  : Story Teller - Catie Griffin
Brooklyn NY - Coney Island to Gravesend : Story Teller - Michael Pucci
Event attendance can count as CT, MA, or NJ attendance

Governor’s Island Compound: ISTO Headquarters

Welcome to Governor’s Island, Pillars! If you’re here, you’ve obviously been chosen for a mission that takes you into the heart of what’s left of Brooklyn or Coney Island. Don’t know how things work around here? Well we’ll soon fix that, Pillar. Listen up, because I’m not going to repeat this a second time.

Governor’s Island is one of the major bases in between warded New York City and Brooklyn. Here, you can find all of the materials you need for a successful mission—and get benefits if your corporations are invested.

You see, New York City is enough of a major metropolitan area that most corporations have their fingers deep in the collective pie. It means that they have an active interest in protecting their investments in the region. What does that mean for us here? Well hell, it means we get funded to protect the area by all corporations.

Of course, this also means that we do have to bow to the corporations somewhat. If they want to film a wacky show about unqualified Pillars being dropped into a combat zone—we have to allow it. For the most part, though, they send out missions to collect resources and intel.

And us? Well we do what we’ve always done. We do our best to protect humanity.

Governor’s Island is warded ground, and the launching point for most missions. We militarized it after the Watershed, building walls and putting up protections against the Rift Creatures that make their home in Brooklyn.

Less common knowledge is the fact that Governor’s Island also contains a xenobiology lab for the study of Rift Creatures. And while corporate espionage does occasionally happen, it’s usually easier to pay a higher price for information.

There are also rumors that something lies beneath Governor’s Island. It’s said that underneath the militarized base, there are holding cells where at least two god-level threats are held. But that’s all rumor, right? There wouldn’t be an actual reason for keeping these creatures on Governor’s Island…unless there's no actual way to kill them.

Shattered Brooklyn

Welcome to Brooklyn—or the remains of it. When you’re airlifted into the area, you’ll immediately notice how the buildings have degraded, turning into ruins. Nil Pillars are rare here—very rare. The fact of the matter is that any who make their homes in the area quickly disappear. Some say they leave, but others suspect that they may be attracted toward the Rift within the heart of Brooklyn.

That’s another thing, too. There’s a lot more vegetation that you might originally suspect for an area that was once a large city. Both Greenwood and Prospect Park have overgrown their boundaries, taking over parts of Red Hook as the trees and grass grow and spread. And Rift Creatures make their homes here, strange and beautiful and bizzarre. 

If you’re a Pillar and you have a mission in the area, here’s a tip: Never trust the Rift Creatures you meet. And get the fuck out of there if you begin Tiering up.

Island of Ill Dreams

Once famous for Coney Island, the Island of Ill Dreams is a lost territory that poses a massive threat to the North East United States. A warped mirror image parallel of early 2000s America, during the watershed nearly ¾ of a million human inhabitants were horrifically taken hostage and to this day live within the nightmarish dreamscape.  The residents of Sea Gate, Brighton Beach, Manhattan Beach, Gravesend, and Lower Bay were ripped into a nightmare world that breathes dementia and illness with every breath. Grossly warped version of classic Americana have infested the peninsula with horrors both visceral and psychological stalking the non-Euclidian landscape.

Beware the yellow fog my friends, for it will take you away the same as it did so many others and trap you too beyond the veil of sanity.

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Dante’s Asylum

Chronologically Reoccurring Island In the Abyss - Story Teller  Max Deville          

If you’ve come to Purgatory, that means you either really enjoy our little necropolis, or you heard about Dante’s Asylum showing itself once again. The asylum only appears for short periods of time, bringing with it a dangerous retinue of monsters and relics. If the thought of glory, adventure, and trophies light the fire within you, then it’s best I tell you a bit more about Dante’s Asylum.

No one is quite sure how or when the asylum arrived; we simply discovered the large onyx-walled island thirty miles from Purgatory in the middle of a previously uncharted lake. The first team who ventured beyond the walls never returned, and the second team only stayed for ten minutes. However, to them they were in there for an entire day, and what they described was a trove of creatures and relics unseen to human or Pillar-kind.

Now, Purgatory on its own is a strange place, displaced in time and home to humans, Pillars, and spirits. Dante’s asylum, though, is stranger; once inside, the asylum becomes a labyrinth that stretches into the highest heavens or deep into the earth with innumerable floors that constantly change and move.

You’ll traverse expansive gardens filled with crystal fruit, vaulted towers high above vermillion cloudbanks, and massive lakes with underwater cities of gold; but once you leave the labyrinth, you will never see the same sights on your next return. Everything changes: the land, the dangers, and the treasures.

The only thing we do know about Dante’s Asylum is this: it’s a prison. The floors are massive jail-cells to any number of creatures and items, with the especially dangerous ones locked in silver and obsidian cages. Like with all good prisons, guardian spirits, beasts, and more patrol the floors, preventing anything from getting out or getting in.

Everything else is rumor. The more-intelligent prisoners of the asylum have spoken of a single, and all-powerful relic which lies in the heart of the structure. It’s an item that, if controlled, could reshape the world . However, no one has ever found the end of the shifting floors. They have also spoken in fear of a “warden,” whose name or existence is unknown, but strikes a trembling fear in many of the imprisoned.

When Dante’s Asylum arrives so too do a storm of willing and hopeful Pillars, hoping to make their name and be recorded in legends. Whether it be to bring home a hoard of relics, the heads of unknown monsters, or to uncover the mysteries and secrets within, all come to test their mettle.

And who knows? Maybe you can be part of the team that finds the truth, or ultimate power.

So, what are you waiting for?

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The Reservoir Island Rift Gate, New Jersey

Reservoir Island Rift Gate, NJ - Story Teller  Adam Hoff    

Since the Watershed Event, the Reservoir Island Rift Gate allowed all manner of beasts to escape The Woods and terrorize innocent people. Once the corporations seized the land and fortified the area, most creatures began emerging less and less. The strange lights, however, became more prominent. Patrols have sighted what they can only describe as flying saucers hovering over the Rift Gate. Entire outposts have been found empty and the Pillars stationed there have not been seen again. ISTO has begun asking the corporations for expendable squads to send into the Reservoir Island Rift Gate to attempt to locate the source of these occurrences and prevent further losses. None of these squads have ever returned. Worse still, none of the missing Pillars have rezzed.

The truth is out there. Will you find it?

The Hagstrom Command Post

When the Watershed Event occured, terrible things happened to small towns. On an island on the Wanaque Reservoir, a rift gate to The Woods opened and spilled harmful radiation into the water. This went unnoticed for a while- at least until the monsters came.

People started seeing strange lights over the reservoir late at night. There were reports of terrifying creatures entering homes and taking children or mutilating pets. Humans taken would return as Pillars with grisly surgical scars and memory loss, if they returned at all. Something had to be done. Over the next year, the residential area around the reservoir was evacuated. Residents were moved to refugee camps and the region went into total military lockdown and the Wanaque Reservoir control station was repurposed as The Hagstrom Command Post, the first line of defense against the forces of the night.  

Since these events, The Hagstrom Command Post has become a strong defense point against these invading forces. The corporations have seen to it that the perimeter of the reservoir and its surrounding woods are heavily patrolled to prevent anything from wandering into human space. They have taken some liberties with the surrounding geography, installing a perimeter wall and demolishing civilian structures to erect barracks and supply depots. As corporations laid claim to sectors of the reservoir and the command post, they drew the eye of ISTO. Needless to say, everything got more complicated.

Pillars have been reported to have mixed feelings about The Hagstrom Command Post. A cult of personality type who makes their money on the internet might struggle here, but those who enjoy a strict, military lifestyle will fit right in. Due to the risk of infiltration every interaction is scheduled, logged, and filed. Every soldier is held to a very particular regimen of daily activities. When there are visiting operatives, there is always a mountain of paperwork to precede and follow them.

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Dressed 2 Kill

Connecticut River Closed Set - Story Teller Briana Oshrin

The viewers are here for action, adventure, and maybe a little bit of romance. We need Pillars to fill those roles. Sign up for Dressed 2 Kill for your chance to win prizes, fame, and more! With Dressed 2 Kill, we provide the entertainment!  No Pillar leaves empty handed; some just leave with a little more than others.

With the involvement of each corporation and many of the factions, Pillars are professionally outfitted by local Celebutantes. The Pillar’s corporation will then provide them with something to show off that corporate pride! Not a corporate pillar? That’s all right. Use this as a chance to make a name for yourself! The viewers will love it!

When we say “we provide the entertainment” we mean every part of it. The monsters, the pillars, the crew…everything! Thanks to TURF, there’s always a large selection of what you might see out there, so you’d better be prepared for anything!

Set out in one of Connecticut's smaller “pocket Rifts,” there’s still much to be discovered. Near the Connecticut River, the terrain varies from woods, to a river, to old buildings claimed as victims of the rift. It’s the perfect setting for a variety of creatures. The whole area has been cleared of all outside rift activity and is just small enough to keep under constant control. Between filming, the area is pre-set with the creatures and a few other surprises. It might be worth your time to explore if you want to make it to the end. Each area has a few hidden things that you may want to get your hands on.

Pillars will be shipped in through the river as all other ways of approaching have been blocked off for security reasons. They will be briefed on their way in with information on which creatures are worth a higher rating. Pillars will be dropped off at the remains of the Gillette Castle as their starting point. From there it is up to them who stays together and who goes off alone. Only one pillar can take credit for a kill, so you’d better be quick! Bonus points are given for any Pillar surviving by the end. Deaths can gain points in other areas. Keep your eyes open for special game changers that may appear with or without announcement!

Rep your corp, rep your faction, rep yourself. At the end of the missions, Pillars will receive ratings based off of completion, advertising, and the ability to stand out. The ratings will be on a scale of 1-10 for each category.

Ratings are at an all-time high while the success of the missions remains at an all-time low. The best part is that the fans think it’s all real! Think you have what it takes to get a perfect score and survive? Prove it!




Micro Tabletops (MICROTOPS)

Micro-Tops are experiences designed for people just looking to have a good time who have some weekday nights to kill. Events that are 3-4 hours in length, are a part of the canon for the UD world and your character, and are a short burst high intensity experience. Each microtop has a theme linked to the ticket, a time, and a date. Microtops do not provide any mechanical character growth for your PC, but can provide in character resources and story connections for your corp or chosen organizations. These events are large on story and the ticket price goes towards the continued growth and quality of UD NE events. 

Funds from these events purchase props, go towards site costs, online hosting cost,s insurance, and the thousand other expenses that pile up when making a larp happen. Instead of relying on donations, we instead are providing entertainment in exchange for your money making your large event entertainment even better. 

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Hey Roll20 players!
Please take a few minutes to fill out this form. This will allow me to pre-program your character stats, make your icons, and set your Roll20 accounts to be able to be single button presses. Once this is done we will be able to create your link for both the Roll20 event and our Discord channel. 

Basic mechanics work as follows:
You get a D6 die pool based on your "focused skills" that are described by you.  These are items your Pillar excels at, and you win on ties on die rolls for these.

If you have a skill on open skill list, or on a profession, you start at 2D6 for that skill and will gain an additional D6 for every "overlap" of that skill you have via profession downloads, Pillar download, and open skills. You do lose on ties on these rolls. 

If you are trying to do something that is not covered by focus skills or skills you have access to, you roll 1d6 and lose on ties. 

You may spend ONE aether per roll, before the roll, to add a single D6 to your roll. Defenses are rolled before attacks.