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It’s all true.

Every single story kids used to tell each other online, every single folklore made up by teens, every single old myth… it's all true. There are devils in the woods, the doctor, the stag, the gold haired girl, and a thousand more that you only started to find out about. If you go down lovers lane there is a killer with a hook hand, there are trolls under all the bridges, aliens are watching your every step, alligators are living in the sewers, and damned if there wasn't a carnival of cannibals that just rolled into town.

Welcome to “Rites of Passage”. Here we will be looking at modern folklore, urban legends, the strange, and the bizarre through the eyes of the world of Utopia Descending where each and every single story is true. Pillars in NJ will live a life full of chaos, nonsense, shenanigans, fear, terror, and the truly twisted.

Smile. Warm up a long-pig roll, invite your friend Tillie over, and lets get strange New Jersey.

Jersey Central

Once upon a time there was a drunk college student in Princeton NJ. This student was celebrating the end of a semester at a local bar with their friends. When stumbling out into an alleyway they fell into a brick wall. The wall gave way like a secret passage and the drunk student went tumbling into the Rift behind it. They returned to New Jersey three days later through a storm drain in West Milford, seventy miles away, raving about monsters in the woods and missing three and a half fingers.

Once this incident was reported the megacorps immediately began investigating the phenomenon. Their research revealed that this Rift contained a dark and dense forest that could be accessed by a handful of hidden doorways scattered throughout the state. To this day not all doors have been discovered.

Seeing this barren woodland as a perfect opportunity for expansion, the megacorporations invested in developing the land within and fortifying the exits to prevent any creatures escaping. Starting as a military base hidden from the prying eyes of adventurous locals, this space within The Rift quickly grew into New Jersey’s primary hub for all corp-employed Pillars who helped it become a thriving city. That city is Jersey Central, the New Jersey within New Jersey.

They separated into five districts controlled by their respective corporate subsidiaries. These company districts provide brick and mortar storefronts, business offices, manufacturing plants, and residential housing for their employees. It functions, not only as a military base, but as a self contained corporate community where all five megacorps function in relative harmony.


A Thriving Local Culture

Jersey Central is, at its core, a military outpost and first line of defense against the monsters of The Woods. Residents have their corporate duties which include scheduled patrols and corp-issued missions to best combat the neverending insurgency of cryptids. Despite its military focus the community within Jersey Central has a rich culture established by the proud Jersey residents who helped found it.

The lower ranking Pillars of Jersey Central live fairly comfortably in shared dormitory-style apartments provided by their corporation, ranking up into independent apartments and eventually their own home in their subsidiary’s sector. They can expect a community that very convincingly mimics normal human society- complete with shops, diners, and even schools for all grades through college, Jersey Central creates a synergy focused and comfort-based experience for Pillars between patrols.

The Woods

Before Jersey Central was built inside the Rift, it was a dense labyrinth of fog and trees. Locally, this Rift is referred to as The Woods. It’s where you mother warned you not to go. It’s the birthplace of every childhood nightmare. Today it is the darkness at the firelight’s edge for the city of Jersey Central. While the city bustles with life, beyond the walls and into The Woods there is only death and fear. For the past fifteen years the corporations have waged war with the creatures of the dark, slowly fighting to expand their city. The fight is challenging but many of the enemies themselves are a goldmine of resources. Jersey Devil eggs and Hellhound meat are but a few highly sought-after commodities. However, there are many more creatures from beyond the rift never meant for human eyes. They are the creatures of urban legends. These monsters are capable of terrible things. Worse still, they can survive on our side of the Rift. It is the responsibility of every Pillar in Jersey Central to destroy these deadly beasts on sight. The safety of the world depends on it.