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The guardians of the Purgatory’s border are a fierce and devout group. Also called the “Hell Hounds”, the Kerboros maintain stations at the border of the Combat zone and the interior, keeping a watchful eye to protect the people of Purgatory. However, different groups, or packs, will leave Purgatory to patrol the zone and slay any creatures they find. Once they return, the next pack goes out, creating a continuing cycle of patrols within the zone. The Kerberos are led by three leaders, called the Fangs, and each representing one of the groups within Purgatory: a hopeful, a pillar, and a human. To be a Kerberos, one must swear to destroy all evil from the rift, never run from danger or an assignment, and when called upon, to serve until death and beyond.

            To join the ranks of Kerberos, one must face trials hosted by the Fangs once a month and swear to the three laws of the order.


The Quintessants 

Secretive, exciteable, and obsessive, the Quintessants are the chief researchers of the Combat zone and Rift in Purgatory. A collective of occultists and artifact researchers led by the illusive Manesologist, this group clamors over new artifacts brought back through the portal. Their chief aim is to record, understand, and utilize the different items and relics brought back to town. Whether it be a tiny orb, or a large spear, The Quintessants will make it their job to not only keep a record of it, but find out how it can be used against the forces of the rift. Their order is the oldest, existing at the start of Purgatory’s history with the rift, and contain the complete records of items and creatures experienced in Purgatory.

            To join The Quintessants, one must simply find an artifact in the rift, and display to the members that they know what it’s function is, and how it might be used to help fight back.