Welcome to the home of the dynamic mystic, the cutting edge of making the aetherical into the tangible. Seelensiegel is the foremost technological masters of matter to aether transferal, which is the foundation that allows the equipment that Pillars need to deal with threats in the Abyss. The leaders in aberrant soul sealing technologies, electro-hermetic designs, and aetherical transfer technologies the good people at Seelensiegel have embraced the two fold meaning of the phrase “That which matters, soon will not.”

In the private sector Seelensiegel has made small business headways into infusing aetherical energies into mundane equipment. Aetherically charged mundane items are specialized demand products, with poltergeist proof computers and mechanical devices that are immune to demonic possession being of little public demand (for now).

Seelensiegel is a very small subsidiary of Maus Aktiengesellschaft.

Best Selling Seelensiegel Products -

External Sans-Fernal -  Data storage devices with complex warding layered into the wiring of the external storage drives with prevent poltergeists, abbarent spirits, and demonic forces from causing you to lose your important data backups. 

Pill-Pill - Short term medical enhancement tools, the "Pill-Pill" is marketed with the catchphrase "Be as healthy as a Pillar”. Despite the products name, Pill-Pill has no proven medical benefits beyond causing a temporary heightened sense of health and awareness in the consumer. While Pill-Pill has not been found to be chemically addicting, there are entire sub-cultures of “Pill-Csars” who spend prolonged periods of their life on Pill-Pill.

Aeternum Pack Portable Aether Generator! - Compact aether generator for your phone and small portable digital  devices. By drawing latent aether from a pillar's body and from aetherical trails left behind spirits, so even a human can use it. 

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Pnömatik Bölge

When a pillar is in need of the spires in their homes, or on a Devil’s Run, they can trust the pardonners of Pnömatik. The chief dealers in all materials and symbols of the Spires, from incense to minor gems and garments, these merchants provide all a citizen could need or their local or personal shrine.

However, their employees also specialize in the retrieval and distribution of relics from the Abyss. For those few who protect the town from within its borders, they never need fear lacking relics as Pnömatik can deliver; they can also make copies of any relics brought in, for those who want a trophy or reminder of their adventures.

Be it for the Spires above, or the Abyss below, this subsidary of Tirtil Kommandit Sirketi, provides for you.

Best Selling Pnömatik Products:

Port-O-Pantheon (POP): Need to pray to the spires, but you are out on a Devil’s Run or in the middle of surgery? Look no farther than Pnömatik’s POP shrine. For whatever spire one follows, there is a POP for them; depending on price paid, a POP can contain the simple necessities such as the colors and prayer of a spire, down to everything needed for an on-the-go offering. Should someone require multiple POPs for their spires, they can order a special edition containing all the spires they worship.

Rush-more Relics: Grabbed a neat relic out in the field you’d like, but need to give it up? Don’t worry, Rush-more Relics scan and create near-exact copies of any artifact you bring in. Made from a unique alloy of steel and ghost-metal, these copies look and feel like the real thing (without any unique properties or abilities).

Rill-Runners: Working in the engineering bay, and you need a relic for your latest invention, but your shift gets out in thirteen hours? Hire a Rill-Runner! These Pnomatik employees are a fleet footed service which delves into the Abyss to find what you need. Known for their resourcefulness and efficiency, if you need a relic in a hurry, better call a Rill-Runner.



For the purveyors at Нумеролог, the quote, “Spires, a moment of bliss. Why, isn't that enough for a whole lifetime?”, does not apply to their business model. Experts in providing the pinnacle physical experiences, they strive for one’s life to be pleasure. Specializing in raves, bars, and entertainment, Нумеролог designs itself around meeting the physical and emotional desires of their patrons. Using creative gimmicks and special themes, every experience is unique from the last, and constantly aims to please.

If one can request it, Нумеролог can provide it regardless of circumstance. Be it videogames, alcohol, or exotic goods and substances, this Morzha subsidiary is truly the master of ceremonies for Purgatory.

Best Selling Нумеролог Products:

Black Cap: A pillar-grade spirit with soul, Black Cap is a staple drink when in Purgatory. Infused with the collective emotional residue of the dead, Black Cap allows the drinker to experience the memories and pleasures of an entire life. However, do not worry about the tragedy of life, as every bottle holds only the extracts of joy and happiness.

Epoch Dreams: The highly-addictive release from Нумеролог’s video-game line, Epoch dreams is a neural-integrated VR game which builds a player’s greatest fantasy. Each copy reads the psycho-physical needs of its player, and then constructs the perfect gaming experience and story to boost their mood. However, playing comes at a cost. Being so popular and addictive, players must begin each session with a mini-game, wherein they wager Ticks to see how long they can play for that day; however, once in the game, if they perform well enough, they can earn more time to play. One can find the Epoch setups in numerous Нумеролог lounges, as well as an expensive home-model.

Ooze-Oh!: When booze, parties, or games can’t fill that ticking and restless urge in the middle of the day, Ooze-Oh! is there to provide. A patented chemical putty, it’s properties allow the ooze to press against the skin and into the pores to create an unmatched physical sensation. A few minutes with Ooze-Oh!, and any anxiety or restlessness melts away to calm and satisfaction.



When bullets, blades, and battlements can’t hold back the tide of horror from the Abyss, it takes the work and charms of an exorcist to do the job. Pulling from the ancient art of expelling spirits, Onmyō fuses the aetheric with the mechanical to offer protectives against the abysmal hordes. Utilizing mass production models and aether technicians, Onmyō manipulates the aether surrounding Purgatory to forge talismans which prevent any spirit from entering the township without permission; concurrently, the same craftsmen can infuse armor with talismans, making Onmyō the spiritual shield standing guard for Purgatory.

Commercially, Omnyō caters warding and guidance to the denizens of Purgatory in equal measure. For the household, Omnyo offers lines of warding talismans to give that sense of security when you’re asleep at night, and, when you’re on the go, the charms and accessories they provide offer luck and warnings for their owner.

When things go bump in the night, this Usagi subsidiary makes sure to bump back.

Best Selling Onmyō Products:

Seimei Stylings: Sometimes, banishment rounds and talismans aren’t enough. For protection closer to the body, Onmyō offers a designer line of clothing an armor. Engraved with protective sigils and scripts, these garments provide a wearable and mobile talisman for any customer. These clothes are even customizable, with Onmyō craftsman able to design sigils for shielding, repelling, and even resistance to possession.

Koma-Charm: When one wishes to balance fashion with safety, the Koma-charm is the key accessory for any citizen. Crystals stylized as different foxes, all of which are collectibles, these charms act as a mobile sensor and alarm. Detecting the aether surrounding the user, whenever there is a dangerous spike or entity in close proximity, the mouth opens and releases a mini-talisman which creates an immediate repelling force around the user, giving them the chance to run to safety.

(Un)Lucky Patches: For the citizen wanting the best home-warding on the market, the (Un)Lucky patches are the way to go. After positioning all four talismans, one on each wall facing a cardinal direction, they form an invisible net of aether surrounding the home or building. When an evil force or spirit attempts entry, the net suffocates most of them and uses their own aether to further charge their own reserves. Keeping your home safe from the enemy, by their own strength.

ब्रश और म्यान.png

ब्रश और म्यान

Beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder, but also on the canvas and cloth. Taking broad strokes to bring only the finest of the visual arts to consumers, ब्रश और म्यान evokes images of elegance and beauty throughout Purgatory. Providing art both in the home and for the town, ब्रश और म्यान offers commissions and selections to fit anyone’s aesthetic. The  ब्रश और म्यान logo is found on nearly every soul-well ink bottle, aetherical brush, and tattoo gun found around Purgatory.

However, their skill in the traditional arts is only matched by their work with sigils. The study and design of sigils in Purgatory rests with ब्रश और म्यान’s designers, as their sigils are at the heart of many rituals and aether-based products.

With grace and power, the sigils of this Billa subisdary not only stunning to the occult afficionado, but deadly beauty to any demonic presence which falls into their trap.

Best Selling ब्रश और म्यान Products:

Starlight Well: Only the finest brand of ink Tick can buy can ensure a strong and attractive sigil. This multicolored ink not only glows with the ominous intensity of the stars, but swirls with a worldly pallet, making every new sigil unique in color and brightness.

Navity Vanity: When a consumer wishes to make themselves a work of art, the specially trained ब्रश और म्यान artists offer a personalized tattoo, piercing, and brand service. Navity services utilize cutting-edge inks, techniques, and tools to add any type of permanent perminance to your artful temple of a body.

Glamour bars: One can wear and see art, but a true ब्रश और म्यान experience is to eat art. These artisen candy bars are imbued with aetheric symbols and sigils which cause tongue tittilating properties and aftereffects. Some even say the power of the sigils grants boons, and the most popular flavors are “Luck”, “Protection”, “Courage”, and “Wealth.”