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So you’re transferred to Vanguard...

“Life’s pretty good. We’ve eliminated the colorless, the Monochrome is sealed off, and everything seems pretty alright with the world. Then we get the memo that ISTO has ordered not only you, but almost every asset and nil-0 pillar from Dunwich to haul their ass to some ISTO mobile base! And now you and I are stuck in this armored transfer vehicle, smelling like sweat, going to spires-knows where. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s called ‘Vanguard’. I hope their mess hall is better than Dunwich.”

-Jackson Firefly, A-2 Ōkami

Welcome to Camp Vanguard, the second line of defense between the rift inside the Abyss, and the outside world. Pillars have been relocated from Camp Dunwich to assist with the incoming lunar event. With enough assistance, safety protocol Salt and Iron will prevent mass casualty and potential breach of the time distortion by rift threats. If all goes according to plan, pillars are expected to be stationed at Camp Vanguard for missions into previously unexplored areas surrounding the rift.

Corporations have lent some of their Asset pillars to Camp Vanguard on order of ISTO. Nil-0s, too, have been brought to Camp Vanguard with the prospect of safe housing, ISTO employment, and a better life. Then again, many Nil-0s don’t have much of a choice considering the low amount of resources in Shattered Hayven. Camp Vanguard does not offer an easy life, but it offers a survivable life for many.

While Camp Vanguard has no official corp affiliation, corporate pillars are not without their corporations. The Hollow, a small but growing market off-base, is outfitted with small shops and corp-sponsored attractions to offers their pillars a small taste of home. Bock Haben delicacies, a NO WAY! hoverbike track, and other corp products can be found in the Hollow. Rumor has it that the Kandi Kids have managed to root themselves in the Hollow, hidden right under the nose of ISTO.

—  Event Details  —

The following is an general focus, mechanical provisions, and ingredients list for Utopia Descending Connecticut.


Content Notes

The Imagine Nation Collective believes in building communities that game instead of building gaming communities. With that in mind you will find many social events, online gaming groups, and excuses for our community to come together as friends.
Our chapter only runs roughly 5 full events a year with micro social events between.

—  General Focus  —

Utopia Descending: Vanguard takes much of its inspiration from New England themed mythology while adding a twist of the strange, bizarre, and creepy into the modern science-fiction fantasy world of Utopia Descending. Our chapter focuses heavily on character versus environment experiences with an opt-in option for social and political character to character drama, conflict, and competition. With the corporations working through their local sub companies, participants in Utopia Descending Connecticut will juggle marketing options, a reality TV feel, as well as engage in real time contact safe combat.

Our local interests focus heavily on the social community aspect of our local chapter with the intent of organizing a number of outings and events including both in character and out of character engagements. In the end, our focus is to provide a great community that plays a game, not to provide a game that people cling to as a community. 


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—  Mechanical Provisions —

Utopia Descending: Connecticut provides the following:
All contact safe resources for players to use when going out on away missions.
Links and groups for Social Media interaction.
Collaborative American Freeform Roleplaying Areas.
Competitive Toyetic Engagement Areas.
Competitive Contact Safe Character Verses Character Areas.
Competitive Contact Safe Character Verses Environment Areas.
Both Full Agency Character and Non-Agency Character options.
All participants do a 2 hour NPC shift during the event. The first 2 and last 2 are reserved for Tier 3 high costume and makeup characters. 
Single day events with social events either before or after game play.
Easily understandable and engaging community guideline.
Access to purchase game specific merchandise.
Access to a 800 support line for crisis support.

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—  Ingredient List —

Utopia Descending New England may contain:
Mature language. Visually jarring costumes. Mature content. Contact-Safe combat. Low lighting areas. Irregular lighting areas.  Acts of both cartoon and realistic violence. Operation simulation. Light walking. Hiking. Running. Political intrigue. War-like scenarios. Camping. Communal living spaces. Dirt roads. Character verses environment conflict. Occasional opt-in player character versus player character conflict. Fog . Explosive sounds/loud noises. In character religions. Simulated corporate economics and politics. Non-agency characters to represent both antagonists and friends. In-game diseases. In character extremist factions or cults (no real-world representation is used).  In-game mental illness (real psychological conditions are not used). Horror movie themes. Fantasy movie themes. Science-Fiction movie themes. Physically demanding modules and experiences that require running, climbing, jumping, or crawling. Simulated drug addiction (no actual drugs used). Simulated drunkenness (no actual alcohol used). Simulated environmental threats such as earthquakes, plagues, starvation, and droughts. Simulated, post-apocalyptic crafting and economy. Optional technology use. Splatter modules (specific modules that warn players ahead of time).