How it works

  • Staff or Approved Player Storytellers can run up to 12 tabletop events a year, over a period of 6 months (we encourage two events a month, every other month or so).

  • These tabletop events are registered events for the month of attendance for the chapter that is running the event for "character attendance". 

  • If you do a live event, a tabletop event, or multiple events during the same month you don't get extra "character attendance". 

  • These events are primarily run online, pre-register only, and are for 3-6 attendees. Most use the Roll20 online tabletop system in combination with Discord.

  • These events are $15, $25 or $30 and are on average 5-8 hours long with an assumed 20+ hours of prep work done. 

Quick facts

  • The funds gathered from these events are used to pay for site, game costs, and to purchase new equipment. 

  • After an event a event submission form is filled out by the storyteller and given to the Director of Utopia Descending: North East (assuming it's not the same person).

  • Within 48 hours your event attendance is recorded for the character that participated in the event. 

  • Any resources gained at the event need to be collected at the next live event. In the instance you can't make the next live event, you will be able to dedicate these resources to different NPC groups or story causes. 


Hey Roll20 players!
Please take a few minutes to fill out this form. This will allow your storyteller to pre-program your character stats, make your icons, and set your Roll20 accounts to be able to be single button presses. Once this is done we will be able to create your link for both the Roll20 event and our Discord channel

Basic mechanics work as follows:
You get a D6 die pool based on your "focused skills" that are described by you.  These are things your Pillar excels at, and you win on ties on die rolls for these.

If you have a skill from the “open skill” list, or profession skill, you start at 2D6 for that skill and you gain an additional D6 for every "overlap" of that skill you have via profession skills, Pillar specific skills, and open skills. You do lose on ties on these rolls. 

If you are trying to do something that is not covered by focus skills or skills you have access to, you roll 1d6 and lose on ties. 

You may spend ONE aether per roll, before the roll, to add a single D6 to your roll. Defenses are rolled before attacks.

Things you will need to fill out your Tabletop form


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