Character Re-Branding

One of the good things about a game like Utopia Descending: North East is that there is always room for change. Although change can be scary, sometimes it is exactly what we want! Suppose you aren’t enjoying the direction of your character or you really want to play a different KIND of character but you still want to play the same person and go by the same name. Well this is EXACTLY how you do that. We don’t believe in the mantra of “My character wouldn’t do that.” This is the perfect way to shake things up a bit without feeling guilty about doing so. You should never feel guilty for doing things you think are fun.

Reasons to re-brand

  • You want to try a whole new look for your character.

  • You want to change up the way your character acts.

  • You want to change your character’s values in some way that is in contradiction with what they previously believed in.

  • Something happened at an event that you think would drastically change your character and you want to make it “Official Official.”

  • You really just want to play a new character but you don’t want to have to MAKE a new character.

Things to think about before re-branding

  • Will I enjoy myself with these changes?

  • Do I already have what I need to make the changes I want? If not, can I afford them?

  • Is this what I want or is this what someone else wants?

  • Unfortunately, this is not a means of changing your character’s Pillar Type, to do that you will have to make a second character.

If you have taken a look at the above and still think re-branding is what you want to do, GREAT! Take the time to answer the questions below and good luck on your character’s NEW JOURNEY!

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