Quartermaster’s Page


 What is a Quartermaster? A Quartermaster, or QM for short, is someone who accepts a higher level of responsibility at Utopia Descending: North East. QMs are extremely important for the structure and well being for the game overall. A QM shift takes place during your standard Casting Block and their responsibility can take on many irreplaceable forms. Operations QMs take on the task of making sure there is content to run out in the field and to take notes on the story that took place so that Writers can maintain proper continuity int their writing. Rules QMs get Cast ready to mobilize quickly, provide them with the proper stats and make sure mods are run as intended, they also help run Resurrection scenes and log player deaths. Coordination QMs run the Armory, Research Station or Arcane Forge and make sure that the most industrious of players get what they need, that the smarty-pants players get proper answers to their questions and the fighty players get the proper equipment to keep being fighty.


Being a Quartermaster can be taxing at times and those who take on these important roles should subscribe to the notion of “self care”. Quartermasters can and are encouraged to take a year off if they are feeling at all burnt out from helping keep many number of games, running each year. These things take their toll. It is alright to take a break.

To all of our QMs Past, Present and Future… Thank You. Never stop being amazing.

If you would like to be a Quartermaster and aren’t one already, please answer the questions in the form below and to the best of your ability. Please note that not everyone can be a Quartermaster and that we will look at your answer’s closely when determining to approve an application.

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