How does it work?

As a Pillar in Utopia Descending you are essentially a living demi-god; a fantasy superhero in a futuristic world. As we imagine for most superheros and demi-gods they will often exhibit special power and abilities that are unique to them and the theme they exemplify. That is what this page is for. Here we will lay out the ground work for how you too can submit and have your very own unique ability in this fantastical world of superhuman entities.

When you submit a Pillar Power it goes to staff for approval. All powers must be approved by staff before it is allowed to be used at any Utopia Descending events. Once you have submitted your special ability it will be rated based on many different things. Does it break the game? How powerful is this ability? Can it be properly represented at an event? How in tune with the mechanics of Utopia Descending would this ability be? All of these things need to be taken into account. An ability cannot be too powerful as to disrupt the balance of the game, but it also cannot be too off the rails that it can’t be physically represented in any way or go so far beyond the basic mechanics of UD. For example skills like the ability to fly or an unbeatable laser beam would never pass the approval stage. This is where the rating system comes in (See below).

pillar power meter.png

How Do I get approved?

We would like to draw your attention to the above star chart. As you can see there are 10 stars in total. When you submit your ability for approval we will rate your proposed power based on variables stated above and place it into one of these categories of 1-10. 1 being the simplest and easily represented ability that uses pre-existing mechanics and does not break the spirit of the game at all, where-is a 10 is way too outlandish, ignores pre-existing mechanics in favor of ones that don’t exist in Utopia Descending and cannot possibly be physically represented in any way, shape or form. So one way of making sure your submitted ability gets approved is to utilize the mechanics that already exist somewhere in the game. However, you will notice that there are 5 stars that can possibly be approved. Where a 1 is a pretty safe, simple, practical and possibly not overly powerful skill, where-is a 4 or a 5 would be a bit more complex and may require the use of game tags, extremely slight deviations in game mechanics or are considered rather powerful and versatile skills. The reason why these might still be approved is through the inclusion of “Drawbacks.” The more powerful you ability is deemed to be the greater the drawback or downside to using that ability, now this isn’t exactly a bad thing. Drawbacks can easily add to a great story moment at an event and allow you to strategize how best to use your ability. Like many stories of heroes we know they always had either a weakness or a limitation to their abilities. We want to create an atmosphere where these Pillar Powers follow the same rules as that, so keep that in mind when thinking of an ability you want. Refer to these quick bullet points when thinking of your power.

  • Does your power attempt to use the existing mechanics of Utopia Descending?

  • Can you safely and accurately represent using your power when at game?

  • Are you ready to face any negative drawbacks for using your power in exchange for its benefits?

  • Is your power useful to you and others?

  • Useful or not, do you believe you will have a fun time being able to utilize this power?

  • Does your power take into consideration both the spirit of the rules, the game and other players into account?

  • Have you submitted a character and have they been approved?

Have you thought about the above? Great! You are ready to submit your power! Now once you submit and the power gets approved it will go through a trial period for the next event you attend. During this trial period staff will be able to gauge how well the power plays. This way we can figure out if the approved powers should actually have full approval or not. If it turns out that the power is broken then it will be reworked and sent back out till we get it right, or decide that a new power needs to be chosen. Remember, a power can always be made weaker or stronger.

How are Powers used?

Once your Pillar power has been approved and can be used at game, how do you use it? At an event you will be allotted only 2 “Natural” uses of your power per event day. What this means is that unless you have acquired an item or been exposed to some form of status effect that can replenish this natural limit, then you can only invoke your pillar power a total of two times, every other time after the first 2 is considered to be an “Overdrive” use of your power. Overdrive uses of your Pillar Power can result in negative effects, so be careful as to how many times over 2 you use, although knowing how some players function, you might enjoy having a bit of negative backlash for taking a risk.

Pillar powers are invoked simply by saying “Invoke Power”. If the power you have utilizes basic mechanics for UD combat or a non-combat skills then you simply follow the rules of those mechanics. If your power utilizes something different, then you will be required to follow the instructions of your special mechanic as approved for your ability. This will sometimes require you to have a “power tag”. For example: Suppose your power is you can produce a puddle of acid from your character’s body as a way to set acid traps. You have a really cool acid trap prop of a large piece of cloth you lay out on to the ground that has been painted to look like a large puddle of green acid goop. That goop now needs some indication of what it does for others. A tag that is legible and readable must accompany your physical cloth prop that stats the effects of touching the acid trap. This applies as well for when you are using a skill that may take some role-play to use or takes a while to set up. Someone who sees you using the skill should be able to go over and read exactly what you are doing.

Once you have read the above and taken the time to consider all of your power’s variables you are ready to submit it. Please fill out the form below and answer the questions to the best of your ability.

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I acknowledge that not all Pillar Powers are accepted or approved and I understand that this is for the betterment and play-ability of the game. In the event that my power is not approved the first time, I will do my best to accept this and work with staff to create something that works better and follows the above guidelines.