Utopia Descending: New England is a group of event runners who run multiple Utopia Descending story groups that have narrative, plot, and story that are intertwined while keeping the themes and genre of each chapter completely different from each other. The four groups are the Utopia Descending: Purgatory, Utopia Descending: Vanguard, Utopia Descending: Rites of Passage, and Utopia Descending: North East Table Top chapters.  These events are ran in Massachussettes, Connecticut, and New Jersey. 

ud vanguard.jpg

UD: Vanguard is a game that combines corporate espionage and military life in an experience that allows people to engage either corporate or military structure while fighting against the creatures of the rift. Choose to follow reality TV design corporate focus, corporate espionage, or embrace more of the military life. 

ud purgatory.jpg

UD: Purgatory is a game that focuses on civilian and small town life in an environment where magic, the spookier sides of the supernatural, and the occult are the primary focuses. A town stuck in a shifting time bubble, the town of Purgatory is always on the brink of the abyss. 

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UD: Rites of Passage is a game that focuses on the folklore and strange culture of New Jersey. While so many other UD games can be dramatic, none are as strange as Rites of Passage. In the mythical land of "Central Jersey" the Rites of Passage embraces the odd, the unique, and the over the top.