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In the early years of Purgatory when they were nothing but a rag tag team of scared time refuges, no line had been drawn in the sand as to where the Abyss ended and their settlement began. Thus, a task force was formed to protect those who could not defend themselves, they sleeted, breathed and lived the life of the Abyss, destroying any creature that threatened the lives of their people. This group became known as, Kerberos.

The guardians of the Purgatory’s border are a fierce and devout group. Also called the “Hell Hounds”, the Kerberos maintain stations at the border of the Combat zone and the interior, keeping a watchful eye to protect the people of Purgatory. However, different groups, or packs, will leave Purgatory to patrol the zone and slay any creatures they find. Once they return, the next pack goes out, creating a continuing cycle of patrols within the zone. The Kerberos are led by three leaders, called the Fangs, and each representing one of the groups within Purgatory: a hopeful, a pillar, and a human.

In essence, those in Kerberos are the toughest and strongest warriors in the Abyss. The crest in which they all carry is as sacred if not more so than even that of the spires. The sigils emblazoned on this crest along with the face upon it are meant to strike fear into the soulless hearts of their enemies. The black and gold of their order is a symbol to everyone that looks upon it, it means “we are here”. All those who carry the crest of the Kerberos, follow three simple but sacred tenets.

Tenet 1: “I swear to destroy all evil from the rift, for this is my purpose and the meaning of my existence.”

Tenet 2: “I shall never run in the face of danger or an assignment. Fear is not my enemy, it is my weapon.”

Tenet 3: “When called upon, I shall serve, and I shall serve proudly until the final death and beyond.”

            To join the ranks of Kerberos, one must face trials hosted by the Fangs once a month and swear to the three laws of the order.

The Quintessants 


Secretive, exciteable, and obsessive, the Quintessants are an organization of researchers and collectors of the Abyss that was founded behind the closed doors and hidden chambers of Purgatory. A collective of occultists and artifact researchers led by the illusive Manesologist, this group clamors over new artifacts brought back through the portal. Their chief aim is to record, understand, and utilize the different items and relics brought back to town. Whether it be a tiny orb, or a large spear, The Quintessants will make it their job to not only keep a record of it, but find out how it can be used against the forces of the rift. Their order is the oldest, existing at the start of Purgatory’s history with the rift, and contain the complete records of items and creatures ever experienced in Abyss.

Nothing about the inner workings of the Quintessents in known to any outside their order and quite frankly, they would like to keep it that way. It is said that bad things happen to those who attempt to steal their knowledge, or at least people speculate that it was the Quintessents who have had dealings with those who have attempted. Any member worth their salt and iron, would never admit to such things however. For they would say they a re a peaceful and caring group who cares only for the thrill of new knowledge and would never result to barbarics. However, one can’t help but wonder how much truth there are to such words from those who slip and slide and scheme for just a tiny delicious dropplet of

            To join The Quintessants, one must simply find an artifact in the rift, and display to the members that they know what it’s function is, and how it might be used to help fight back. It is also said, via the whispers of the uninitiated, that a grave sacrifice is offered during their secret initiation ritual, but then again… who is to know for sure?

Trans-Corp Universal rift & Frontier Hunters


When Rift Hunting first became a job or sport, many of the first rift hunters went about their job by themselves. This led to many rift hunters either becoming MIA in the lost territories or KIA costing their corporation. The rift hunters who did manage to become a veteran at the sport understood the dangers and foolishness of hunting without backup. Even if a hunter prefers to hunt alone, they should always be in communication with each other. The lack of a core to the hunters would cause rift hunters to lose track of time or become hostile toward one another. Rather than having Rift Hunters at each other throats, a hunter of each strain decided to form a group that hunted together. They decided to for a Trans-Corp group to avoid any in fighting or rivalry.

Soon after the seven original formed the TURF Hunters(Trans-corp Universal Rift & Frontier Hunters), they begun to sky rocket into fame and glory as they were now capable of taking on much more stronger and higher level monsters. After many successful missions, the group decided to expand and open its doors to any Pillar that wish to take part in these missions. These not only invited the warrior fighting types, but also allowed researchers and medics to provide backup either on the field or at a home base. So rather than a bunch of Pillars charging into battle, the TURF became organized and well prepared. The original seven were of different skill sets, and the TURF now is an echo of that ideology.

Hunters forming well rounded parties allowed for many new advantages. Rift Hunting was no longer just about killing monsters. Soon the different aspects gave more reason to the hunt. Research on defeated monsters has become incredibly important to the development or newer weaponry and armor, gear that will in turn be used for hunting. Hunters began taking useful information on previous targets down research for future hunts. Any languages found on the field important to the hunts were now able to be research and decrypted. Critical targets are being chosen with priority and purpose rather than at random. Transport of Pillars and bounties became more accessible with the help of an increased communication line between field hunters and those at their home base.

TURF Hunters soon grew close to one another bonding heavily over the exhausting bounty hunts that would go one for a long period of time, longer than other Pillars on their missions. For Hunters had one job and that was to bring down their target no matter the cost. War fronts, artifacts, rescue and extraction missions, daily duties of the corporation were not part of their concern when they were on a hunt. The hunters provide an important job of putting aside everything, including their own safety, for the hunt. The hunt became almost spiritual, those that hunted together bonded together as it was incredibly important to become close to your well hunters. The TURF became a kinship, a guild, separate but still a part of the mega corporate world. The Spires were also woven into the hunts as each Spire can be said to take part in the hunt in some form or another. As the hunters were of all Pillars, so too would they allow all Spires. The TURF became almost a sacred duty to those that called themselves Rift Hunters. For not only must a Pillar do their daily duties, but as a Rift Hunter there is an added obligation to take on contracts on bounties, all for the hunt.

The Bylaws

The Trans-Corp Rift & Frontier Hunters is, as the name implies, a guild composed of Pillars from all Corporations. The guild will abide by corporate laws but are subjected completely to the corporations. Rather this is more of a co-op between the corporate sponsors allowing hunters to expand upon the art of hunting freely and without distraction. The original seven hunters wanted this group to be open and focused on their main goal of rift hunting, with that in mind they established these rules:

The First Law

The hunt is most important. Nothing takes precedence over the hunt. Not corporate faction, not pillar, not family, not in self-interest. The hunt is the most important part of the being a Rift Hunter.
a. With that being said, if you are killed during a hunt as a member of TURF, the guild will be able to aid you financially. This only applies to hunts.
b. Leaving during a hunt will not be penalized nor looked down upon but you will forfeit all honor of the hunt including its accreditation. This does not apply for if you are killed or suddenly evacuated.
c. Hunters found putting personal interest over the hunt on multiple occasions will be expelled from the TURF. The hunt must come first.

The Second Law

No in-fighting. No prejudice. No bullying. We are all hunters, we are in this together. We hunt together. A pack of wolves cannot hunt if they are eating each other.
a. There will be no belittling or hatred towards another hunter of any kind. Rift Hunting is one of the most dangerous jobs for a Pillar, and therefore active cooperation and kinship between Pillars is important. The hunt comes first and we must work together for the hunt.
b. Hunters fighting in the field will be suspended from missions or placed on solo missions until conflict is resolved.
c. Hunters fighting outside of the field may be turned down for hunts or will not have priority over other hunters.
d. If a hunter is found to be getting into conflict with other Pillars on multiple account is found, that Pillar will be reviewed and punishment can be as severe as termination from the guild.

The Third Law

Spires worship is allowed
a. Worship of Spires is encouraged as each Spire is important to the hunt as a whole.

The Fourth Law

Bounty Hunting
a. Bounties will be posted and rift hunters must sign up for the hunt. Only those who signed up will be the first called when the hunt is ready.
b. Stealing another Pillar’s bounty is unacceptable and is a punishable fine. Refusal to pay the fine will result of termination. Pillars may agree to allow other hunters to join in their hunt sharing in the glory.
c. Bounties prices are set, and are non-negotiable. However, although rare, sudden changes, or improper information to the missions and such may be reason for hazard pay.

The Fifth Law

a. All trophies must be brought in for review and the necessary paperwork to allow clearance for the trophy to be brought over from the rift. This is to avoid having missing evidence to certain cases if a problem should arise.

The Sixth Law

a. Members must be invited by existing TURF members who have been in good standing for one year.
b. Members are required to participate in at least one trophy hunt per year.
c. Membership dues include a 10 chit yearly membership and a 50% of prior year "Hunting Debt" fee for Pillars that routinely die or lose equipment while on a hunt.

Candy Coated


Do not let the sweet name fool you, these Kandi Kids are a group not to be messed with. Like with most cultures, there are always going to be countercultures; and the Candy Coated are a glimpse at the brutal underbelly of the party life of Pillars. The Candy Coated was reportedly born out of a bunch of young pillars just wanting to use the transformation as a head start on their “fame train”. This tight knit group spent all of their time hosting uber elite and “in the know” parties in desolate warehouses, underground subway tunnels, and even past the walls out in club sites in the Lost Territories. What started as just popularity and social power eventually turning into into illegal synthetic non-corp drugs and an entire network of undisclosed event operators and marketers using “members only” clubs as a cover for their illicit dealings.

The network of Pillars organizing the Kandi Kids over time grew up and wanted more. More power, more control, more wealth. Things got large enough that reportedly these “club kids” were getting involved in heavy illicit activities. Sabotage jobs against Corporates, blackmailing Reps, and even as far as moving illegal arms back and forth from club to club. Sometimes these jobs were corporate paid for and kept off the books, other times they were individuals with their own agendas to push.

Despite their growth in activities, the Kandi Kids have always been successful at staying of the radar of the ISTO. Starting with their need to have privacy for their club parties, participants were always made sure to be “Candy Coated.” Candy Coated is not only the term for a popular underground club and music movement, but also code for getting your hands on anti-tracking and identification gear. Even Candy Coated fashion focuses on styles that obscure observation, derail identification tracking software, and makes the individual unable to be tracked by anything other than the naked eye.

You can always tell when a Candy Coated is in the vicinity by the color beads around their wrist or neck (aka Kandi). The more elaborate and expensive the materials that make the Kandi, the higher ranking they are. Some high-ranking members of the Kandi Kids have tech hidden in their gear that acts as shielding against cameras, tracking, and observation software. Generating digital “white noise” the Kandi Kids on a job get limited use of the ability to become ghosts in the system. The inner circle of the Candy Coated are a brightly colored and drugged out culture of hackers, thugs, masterminds and killers (if they need to be). Rumors abound that their headwear provides holographic remapping to make Pillars appear differently. (i.e. a Mortskin looking like a Wyrmborne). The makeup styles that all the Candy Coated wear (be they illicit or not) acts as a facial reconstruction for the cameras. The hardware for high end illicit activities is smuggled through their club gear.  

The original leader of these Candy Coated ones was a man named Rixxy Sandchezz, who’s presumed dead after a faulty rez chamber blew up mid resurrection. Foul play was ruled out by ISTO investigation, however 6 years later the corps and ISTO are still looking for his remains.

How do you become a member of the Candy Coated? Well if you are just looking for fun slap on the Candy Coated logo, gear, and get out into the clubs. Someone knows of hidden and illegal parties... and maybe they will vouch for you. If you are looking to get deeper than the club life, well, the Kandi Kids will find you if they feel you are ready.

Audere est facere


Each year Pillars who focus on research, investigation, technology, and scientific advancement at its highest regard are welcomed to submit a research paper outlining new innovations, advancements, and research findings. These papers are submitted to the North East ISTO office which then reviews all submitted content for organization, structure, sources, citations, and merit of content.

Each year no more than three Pillars are chosen to defend their submissions before a panel of both former year Audere Est Facere winners as well as ISTO requested professionals. After reviews a secret panel will review the content and defense of each new thesis, and decide if a new member should be added to the Audere Est Facere.

The Audere Est Facere are a community of award winning scientists, researchers, engineers, rift-technicians, xenobiologists, and scientists from newly developing fields of scientists who share resources. Research tools, security clearance, resources, and proprietary data kept within the order of Audere Est Facere members. While the order of Audere Est Facere does not see their findings as “secret”, accepting membership into the Audere Est Facere allows individual Pillars access to technological resources normally kept protected behind corporate license, trademarks, and copyrights (as well as corporate security).

Once a Pillar assigned to the Connecticut Lost Territories has become a member of the Audere Est Facere, their mind is segmented and locked with nano-tech securities to prevent leaks of secured information (as well as to ensure the safety of the individual members when they travel outside of secured areas). Pillars may submit their thesis documents each July for them to be reviewed and decided upon each December.Being a member of the Audere Est Facere does require research, writing of documentation, and becoming heavily involved in unraveling the secrets of the Connecticut Rifts. It is not intended for everyone as it requires a great deal of dedication and time investment.