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UD CT - Into the Monochrome

  • Incarnation Camp and Conference Center 253 Bushy Hill Rd (20.34 mi) Ivoryton, Connecticut 06442 (map)
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Click here to get tickets now.

There has been a threat that hunts us Pillars. A threat not only to humanity but to Pillars as well. A threat to us who have stood immortal, being the line between life as we know it and the collapse of this world to beasts and monsters.

We have lost too many, and it is time for us to mobilize to end that threat.

We have an operation that needs scientists, translators, and pilots. We will need doctors, combatants, and scouts. We will need communication and marketing to ensure that information is shared and that we get the assistance we need. We will be opening live-drops of supplies from the fans who desperately want to help us fight.  

By the blessing of the spires, we are going to face this head on and finish this threat.

We will be setting up a remote resurrection chamber and science lab in the broken territories within a quick drive of where we have triangulated the rift. All corporations and ISTO representatives will be functioning as a single unit to analyze, document, and neutralize this threat.


This event will have an active combat zone, an active toyetic zone, and an active roleplaying zone similar to the design of our first boot camp event. Player actions for the time up to this event, and their activities during the event, will determine potential advancement in rank. This event is a militarized zone, so rank will have more involvement than standard corporate focused events.

As a pre-registration bonus, each pre-registration will result in another word of the Monochrome’s language being released. Every 10 pre-registration gives more details into the linguistic structure and design of the language as well as the lore of these creatures. Each corporation that hits 20 pre-registrations will receive a special story and equipment bonus that will be provided by their corporation for all Pillars to use (including potential use of advanced tier downloads on site, heavy artillery, medical bays, research labs, and research documentation).

If 100 pre-registrations are reached the event will have large scale monsters crafted for the event, similar in style to the kaiju our group has built for other games. The more pre-registrations we have for this event, the more massive and crazy we are going to get.



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