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This is the second UD TT event. This event is a Roll20 tabletop event on SundayMarch 4th that will be part of the canon of the Utopia Descending universe. Ran by Michael Pucci, this event will use both Roll20 and a Discord channel for player communication. This is a 4-6 hour event (depending on the story's progression) that will have lasting effects on your Utopia Descending character. Chits, items, and resources can be gained, which will be presented to your character at the March Utopia Descending CT event.

------ Logistic Details -----
This event uses both Roll20 and Discord. Please make sure that both function properly before the event.

Tickets are for individual seats. At least 3 seats must be sold for the event to occur. In the instance that not enough seats are sold, tickets will become "virtual tickets" where participants can choose to join one other UD Virtual event listed of their choice.

Prior to the event, participants will be given a link to the Discord as well as a link for character profession choice. 

In the instance that a player signs up for an event and cannot make it, the ticket can't be transferred. Based on who signs up for an event the story and prep-work for the event is adjusted to those characters. These adjustments start after a ticket is purchased and require time and effort to the event host. Switching a character requires twice the time and effort for the experience. 

Funds from this event go toward the Imagine Nation Collective funds, which pay for our live event space and payroll. These funds are not kept by the person running the tabletop event.

This event does count as a month attended for character growth for the month of March. If a player attends both the March event and the tabletop, it still only counts as one month of character advancement. If a player attends the tabletop, but can't attend the live event, it will count as having attended a home event for the month. 

----- The Scenario -----

This is Drill Sergeant Reyes.
The Video Show "CRACKDOWN" is heading to Camden NJ to work on keeping the streets safe. However we need to deal with some real shit out to sea as well. I need a squad of Pillars to investigate some missing cargo ships. Might be pirates, maybe rift activities, and could be a few days getting a tan.

I need 3 to 8 Pillars. First to sign up get in. 
Reyes Out.

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