Requisition Form

Utopia Descending: North East is one of those games where you often let the big guys get things FOR YOU instead of having to do it yourself. That is what this page is for. There are many different in-game organizations within UDNE and they sometimes don’t mind if you ask them for favors, however this is often a give and take relationship. So be it your corporation, local government or the black market, it always good to know who is willing to “Do you a solid.”

If there is something you would like to acquire in game through such means fill out the form below and you might just get your wish.

Player Name *
Player Name
Character Name *
Character Name
This is if you are requisitioning from a particular religious group, faction or corporate subsidiary.
If you have already given something or are cashing in on some sort of favor you are owed please tell us. Otherwise make an offer/ deal/ sacrifice.
Acknowledgement *
Please note that requisitions submitted within 7 days of an event may not be make it to event (although we will try)