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IE 5/1/2017 4:30 PM
Choose the mega-corp, make a note of sub-corp below.
Mind Data Research
Mind Data Research
Ask these questions to the Player to find out what answers the corporations would find about the Pillar. Please only choose three.
I enjoy my life as a Pillar.
I am loyal to my Corporation.
My Corporation is the best.
I would never betray the secrecy of my Corporation.
I believe Pillars that resist their Corporation should be punished.
I have no desire to resist answering any of these questions 100 percent truthfully.
I have absolutely zero to hide.
I have a favorite product that my corporation sponsors.
I sometimes feel an urge to step through a Rift.
I often find myself connecting more with the monsters I fight than Humanity.
I do my best in the field every day.
If the player would like, they can choose to accept a Corporate buyout. By saying "yes" they can choose to have a corporation or other party pay for the their resurrection . Other players will be informed of a buyout and given 10 minutes to respond to the buyout before it is made official. If the player says "No" then they will be forced to pay for their resurrection themselves, have their current corp pay for their corp or have a faction/organization/black market pay for their resurrection.