For those of you attending one of the Utopia Descending CT events at the Camp Cedarcrest location, this map is intended to give you a better idea of how the campground is used and what to expect.  The area marked in green is our Freeform RP zone. This area will be used for players wanting to just RP without engaging in combat or physicality, crafting, parties, and more freeform or parlor style role-playing.

The area marked with the light yellow is our toyetics play zone. This area is set aside for engagements that require physical engagement, but don't always require combat. This include drone flight, races, PT, sparring, and modules that require actually being hands on and more physical with your experience.

The orange zone is our combat zone. If you are looking to go outside the controlled territory into the combat zone you stop at the armory, get your gear, and check out with the quartermasters. Here is where you can find out if there is free-roaming patrols, specific Rift mechanics you need to keep in mind, get your details in regards to any missions that are posted, and head into the combat zone. 

Our dapper top hats and pipes signify our smoking areas where players can vape, set up hookahs, have cigarettes, or pipes. These outdoor areas will have butt buckets, are still in character for the PC side of things, and are available for ongoing use. The smoking area right next to the NPC lounge is where NPCs can go to smoke, take a breather, and relax OOC without potentially breaking the immersion of players in the combat zone.

If you are reporting to your NPC shift, stop down at the NPC Reporting Station. You will be given your gear and told where to catch up with the people overseeing the NPCs. Be sure that when you come to your NPC shift that you come ready to provide as much fun for the players as the other players provided for you on their NPC shift.