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Website Updates

Hello everyone! As you may have noticed that this news blog is new to the UD:NE website. As you may all know the website is in desperate need of updates so before we get into the Aug/Sept Tabletop content, here is a brief announcement of the updates we will be making to the website:

  1. Condensed world content. Local History and world content will be moved to a single and easy to find location.

  2. Forms. The following forms will be added along with existing Feedback, Plot Request and Tabletop: Corporate Requisition Form, UD:NE Character Submission Form (We will no longer use the website for character submissions. This is confusing) Quartermaster forms, Tabletop Runner Forms (Have you ever wanted to run a UD:NE tabletop?), UD Writer Forms, Character Re-Branding Form and Organization Form.

  3. Added News Blog where updates and official game news will be posted. In an attempt to not rely solely on facebook all major information will be posted here on the website FIRST before being posted on our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat (coming soon).

  4. We will be implementing group ticket deals and first time player ticket deals for all events.

  5. The Home screen will be changed to an easy “New Player” introduction page.

By making these changes we hope to make the game more accessible to anyone as is our motto, and encourage veteran players to bring friends to events and make easier for new players to get involved.

Tabletop News

The content for these up and coming tabletop events will correspond directly with events happening in the Abysmal Rift region (If you have not read this IC news it is here! In the Blog :) )

The story for these Pillars Unleashed Tabletop events will take place in the “unexplored territories” of the Abysmal Rift. This means they will stay inside the area of Vanguard and Purgatory, but beyond their current reach. These tabletops will not only effect live action games but small details within them will act as dice cast in what plots get written. This means that even if you were in the tabletop events, the storys of live and tabletops will be separate and seemingly unrelated to one another. Consider the tabletops like a butterfly effect that alters the course of Live event history!


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-John M.

John Marquis