Abysmal Abandonment


Megacorp officials have released an official joint statement today concerning the recent activity within ISTO Operation Base Vanguard, the Sovereign State of Purgatory and the uncharted Abysmal Rift Territories.

According to Chief Corporation Correspondents, in light of the various egregious situations to come out of the region, lead corporate officials believe it will be in the best interest of both regional stability and corporate interest by reallocating resources to those rifts that need it most. With the increase of rogue pillar and rift creature activity in the region, corporate officials stated “We believe it best to take every precaution necessary to extinguish threats in the Abysmal Rift Territories, however it has come to our attention that the misuse and loss of essential resources, professionalism when dealing with Abysmal level threat scenarios and overall lack of discipline is wholly unacceptable.”

We believe this to be an underhanded attempt to capitalize on the region’s high rate of near-apocalyptic situations. However, instead of using the regions recent high viewer ratings as an opportunity to give the area more resources, a new marketing strategy is being put in place in an attempt to cash in on those ratings even more than they already are as we found out from an anonymous insider from theMaus Creative Marketing Comity informed us earlier this week. “That place is a gold mine. The town there functions way outside all of our legal jurisdictions in terms of ISTO protocols and the streaming numbers have never been higher. This is the perfect opportunity to implement project ‘Survivor’.

While we were writing this news bulletin, we found out that there were in fact a large number of new job openings for all of the Megacorps and their Abysmal Subsidiaries for this “Project Survivor”. We believe this to be a bipartisan marketing campaign. We shall release more details as we gather more information on this development. Listed here are some of the resources that are said to be reallocated to other rift branches: Food Supplies, Water Rations, Surplus Ammunition, Extracurricular Materials and surplus antimatter power cells among other things. As soon as the reallocation becomes official all extra resources will be Requisition Only.

— A.N.N.N

(ANNN is an underground news network for the Abysmal Rift, By the Abysmal Rift and run by Nil-0 Pillars.)

“The truth is out there and we will find it or die trying.”

John Marquis