Vanguard Engulfed!!!

Breaking News!

Vanguard Eaten

The abysmal rift and the warped dimensional time bubble known for being home to the sovereign town of Purgatory has JUST absorbed Vanguard Forward Operating Base into itself!

Although the land around the bubble does not seem to be expanding from the outside we are getting reports of many of those close to the bubble have been disappearing into its depths, including the recently operational Camp Vanguard. Despite what we originally thought, this phenomena does not seem to be linked in any way to the announcement of “Project Survival”. Corporate officials and the Mayor of Purgatory have made it very clear that this is not a drill in any way and that this is in fact a very real situation. Vanguard officials and Purgatory local government have said they are working together to figure out the cause of the issue.

New Abysmal Territory

In parallel to the phenomena’s effects on the outside, the inside effects of the Abysmal Rift’s new activity has also began showing change from the inside. The temporal dimension of the rift appears to be expanding on the inside as local radar and aether sensors have begun detecting a sudden increase in Abysmal land mass and a sever spike in energy. Rift creature attacks have begun to increase as un-known creatures and have been spotted along with a surge in activity by the Hive creatures known as “The Synth.”

We shall keep you all up to date as we gain more information on this unprecedented development.


John Marquis